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What was the state of the gaming world in 2020 and what to expect in 2021?


Gaming is one of the activities that keep us going during some of the dull moments that we experience. We could easily assume the role of a saviour trying to save the world or the role of a villain trying to destroy the world. In the process, we will have to outwit a villain if we are the saviour or we will try to outwit the saviour if we are the villain.

Games also provide us with the opportunity to compete with a computer or with our friends. There are single-player games and there are multi-player games. Fortunately, there are also thousands of companies that are working regularly to churn out new games and also upgrade existing games for our entertainment. The year 2020 is gone and the year 2021 has started. This article will discuss the major developments in the gaming world in the year 2020 as well as what to expect in the year 2021.

Gaming in the year 2020

The year 2020 was a year that gamers looked forward to and it is one that will be remembered for a very long time in the gaming world. As opposed to some products that are released yearly, it takes much more than a year for a new gaming console to be released. The year 2020 witnessed the release of at least 2 major gaming consoles in the world: The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.  The PlayStation 5 was released 7 years after the PlayStation 4 was released in the year 2013, with the last improvement, the PlayStation 4 Pro released in the year 2016. The same applies to Xbox, with its last version – Xbox Series X released in 2020 after the previous version was the Xbox One X released in 2017. If you want to buy any of these newly released consoles, you could read about reliable tech companies on to know the right store to buy it from.

As is always the case when a new console is announced, several gaming companies have been working to provide new games that will run with the new console as soon as it is released. This mostly includes the in-house programmers of the gaming company who sometimes produce exclusive games that they hope will be an added factor in convincing customers to buy their console over other competitors. Some top game developers also get the information they need to create new games that should be ready as soon as the game is ready. Hence, the year 2020 was a very great one for gamers who were able to have 2 of their most favourite gaming companies release a new console.

Expectations in the gaming world in the year 2021

The year 2021 is one that most gamers are still looking forward to. Considering that the console was released late in the year 2020, November to be precise, there are several games for the new console that are not ready. This is because some game developers have to wait for the console to be released so that they can get a copy and use it to test the games. They might notice glitches or need for some improvement that will also take some time. Hence, most of the games that will be played on the latest PlayStation and Xbox consoles will be released in 2021.