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Covid-19 Travel Tips: How to Keep Safe at The Airport and While Onboard to Norway


NorskeAnmeldelser recommends that travelers be extra cautious if they need to travel. Genetic variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 are under investigation in many countries, and these variants are expected to be reported in additional countries over time.

As the travel industry begins to get over the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), industry standards and rules are changing dramatically. There are tons of latest rules to follow, a really common rule for aviation is now the need to wear a mask, both for passengers and workers.

Different airlines adopt different rules with varying levels of enforcement. It’s, therefore, best to see the rules of your airline before your planned date of travel. Generally, many airlines encourage travelers to wear masks or protection for the duration of the trip. Skyscanner has proven to be one of the travel agencies that keep to the WHO COVID-19 protocols

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Norway Air and KLM have made the wearing of a mask compulsory on all flights operated by these two airlines. Wearing a mask is mandatory for several major carriers like American Airlines and the Lufthansa Group. British Airways asks passengers to exchange their masks with a replacement one every 3-4 hours and Qatar Airways requires cabin crew to wear full protective gear.

Most high-end airlines will provide you with masks if you would like. Some airlines like Emirates and Etihad distribute hygiene kits to all or any passengers on board. Usually, these are face masks, gloves, antibacterial wipes, and gel. Low-cost airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair require the mask to be worn but don’t provide it.

While traveling, you can remove your mask for eating and drinking, but you ought to prioritize hand hygiene and social distancing when doing this. Note that some low-cost airlines have completely suspended their catering service, like EasyJet. Others (Emirates, United Airlines, and British Airlines) only serve prepackaged snacks instead of the standard full meals.

Why wear a mask on the plane?

It is important to wear it when flying as you’ll often be around other travelers and that they can help create a barrier between you and another traveler’s germs. A mask, alongside other preventative measures like a secure distance and good hand hygiene, can help protect travelers from the spread of the coronavirus.

Some carriers like Ryanair require passengers to wear one at the airport even before boarding. Once checked in, passengers are usually required to put in on for the duration of their journey, from embarkation to disembarkation.

Requirements for Travelers going to Norway:

  1. Air passengers are to be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival in Norway.
  2. Air travelers aged 5 years or older arriving in Norway are required to point out proof of a negative COVID-19 molecular test result, performed not more than 72 hours before the originally scheduled time of departure of the day’s plane.
  3. Air travelers who have tested positive for COVID-19 must provide proof of a positive result on a molecular COVID-19 test performed 14 to 90 days before their departure instead of a negative result on a molecular test for COVID-19.

In conclusion, people that travel abroad should consider how they’re going to stay safe before their departure. Travelers who test negative and are cleared to enter Norway must still undergo the complete mandatory 14-day quarantine