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5 Evergreen Tips When Travelling to Rome


Rome is such a magnificent place to visit for holidays, and it is one place you can see more often without getting enough of it. The whole city consists of historical structures, and it is like you are back in the olden days except for the advanced technologies you can see around you. There is much to see as you walk through the streets of Rome and you will never get this kind of experience in another city.

You have to consider certain things when planning your travel to Rome to make your journey pleasurable. We will share certain evergreen tips with you that have been compiled based on travellers’ research and experiences from other travellers. Check out the following information as you plan your summer trip to Rome:

1. Avoid the popular places in Rome

You must have made plans to go to the popular locations you have heard of, such as the Vatican, The Pantheon, and other popular sites. But this may not be the best approach, especially if you do not have much time to spend in the city. Just as you are making plans to visit those popular locations, others make the same plan.

You do not want to spend your day waiting in lines with thousands of people to access these prime locations. Since you have limited time to spend in the city, go to less popular tourist attractions to gain easy access to these locations and spend quality time touring the city than in cue waiting to gain access to those sorts of places.

2. Visit the local restaurants

Now if you must enjoy the amazing foods and drinks you have heard about in Italy, you should consider the local restaurants. Avoid going to those tourist restaurants where most of the people are mostly there for the business. At the local restaurants, you will miss up with the locals and enjoy the best of the delicacies served in Italian styles.

3. Find accommodation in the city centre

For ease of transportation around the city, it is best to find suitable accommodation in the city’s center. You can walk on foot to any of the city attractions from the city center, saving time and money on transportation. You can find several affordable accommodations close to the city center for you to achieve this purpose. Read reviews about the best accommodation in central Rome to help you compare accommodation and select the appropriate one.

4. Summer may not be the best time after all.

You must have heard or plan your trip to coincide with the summer period, as is common with most tourists. But the best time to enjoy your tour in Rome then considers going in the fall. During this period, the weather is extremely friendly, not hot but warm enough for you to have a good time walking through the streets of Rome.

5. Get comfortable footwear for the tour

One vital thing to consider is your footwear, for you will have to move a lot to enjoy the wonders the city has to offer. Get comfortable footwear for your tour before you travel, or you can get them from stores in the city. Bear in mind that you will be walking most of the time, even if you are on a tour crew, to grasp the wonderful places in the city.

We recommend you read reviews about travelers’ experiences in this city. From their experience, you can quickly prepare yourself to enjoy an amazing experience in one of the world’s most historical and cultural cities.